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Dynamics NAV Dimensions: Part 3—Dimension Combinations

Adam Jacobson September 9,2016

In my last post, I went into some detail about default dimensions in NAV and options for value posting. I also showed how the system reports posting errors when values don’t match the choices made in default dimensions.

Fortunately, you can work around this by controlling how your dimensions post, using dimension combinations.

I’m going to give you an error example first and then explain why it happened (and how you might be able to fix it). As in my precious posts, I’ll use the standard Cronus USA database for my examples.

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Dynamics NAV Dimensions: Part 2—Moving Between Systems

Adam Jacobson September 6,2016

In my last post, I went over NAV dimensions setup, using sales invoices for my examples. I also mentioned how dimensions can be assigned to many, many different kinds of data in NAV.

In this post, I’ll go over how dimension values work with different setups. Again, all my examples use the CRONUS USA sample company.

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