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Person + Hammer <> Carpenter:  Thoughts on Self Service BI

Adam Jacobson November 19,2015

For years and years, software vendors have promised end-users they can have the data they want without talking to the IT department they don’t like. Things haven't changed. I recently saw the following business intelligence stats (thanks to @TimoElliott and Logi Analytics).

As you can see, people still need IT. But why? Here are a few thoughts:

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Power BI and the Value of a Little IT Support

Adam Jacobson October 20,2015

Power BI, a new part of Microsoft Excel, is being touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. And it does do a lot of cool stuff. With my dedication to Microsoft BI solutions, you'd think I'd be a huge fan. But I'm not.

I will acknowledge, however, that Power BI can be a valuable tool in certain conditions. Let me explain.

The promise of Power BI is that end users can create dashboards, visualizations and other cool BI stuff without IT intervention. There's only one problem: Power BI only works well if your data is organized and your users pay attention to data cleansing. And for most folks, this isn't the case.

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