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Stop Using Numbers (At Least Sometimes)

Adam Jacobson April 2,2012

Seth Godin?s recent post, Making Big Decisions About Money, is an excellent example of rule number five of 7 Ways to Make Data Work for You ? tell a story.

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The Debt, the Moon, and Human Scale

Adam Jacobson August 1,2011

With the battle over the debt, there have been any number of crazy comparisons about its size ? numbers of trips to the moon, stacks of bills miles high... As Sanjoy Mahajan pointed out on the Freakonomics blog, none of this is particularly useful. None of us travel to the moon. None of us stack hundred dollar bills. Per capita analysis ? how much debt exists for each working number - is a far better metric to use when talking about the national debt. It's about $70,000 per capita - that's a lot of scratch!

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7 Ways to Make Data Work For You

Adam Jacobson May 19,2011

Most of our clients are comfortable working with numbers, and they love the reports we build for them. Whether in finance, procurement, or certain kinds of marketing, these Numberphiles live and breathe data on a daily basis. But when they want to share their reports with others in their organization that may be less comfortable with quantitative data, often those beautiful reports just get ignored. Their phones continue to ring with questions, even though all the answers are in the reports they just distributed. But even worse, their organizations don't take the appropriate corrective action because their personnel never really understand the data that's presented to them.

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