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3 Rules Nonprofits Should Follow When Approving Budgets

Adam Jacobson April 4,2017

As a consultant, I’ve spent many hours on the technical aspects of budgeting. I’ve designed models, developed spreadsheets, downloaded and uploaded data, and of course, written lots of financial statements.

I’ve also budgeted for my own business as well as other companies where I’ve worked. So, I know something about budgets.

But, recently, in my volunteer position as treasurer of my local Y, I’ve been thinking about how a nonprofit board should approve a budget.

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Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 3

Adam Jacobson June 30,2016

In our first and second posts in this series, we covered the first four keys to successful ERP project management for mid-sized, for-profit companies.

In this post, we close up with the final two.

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Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 2

Adam Jacobson June 23,2016

In our first post in this series, we covered the first and second keys to successful ERP project management.

Here, we’ll continue with keys three and four.

Remember: The context for these posts is narrow. They’re directed at mid-sized, for-profit companies.

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Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 1

Adam Jacobson June 16,2016

First off, let me give the “real” title for this post:

"6 Keys for Successful ERP Project Management Implementations for Mid-Sized, For-Profit Companies."

It’s not as catchy, so I went with the shorter version.

But let me be clear: I’m not a generic project management expert. I have no idea how to manage a project to build an airport or implement a website that supports millions of hits a day.

But I do know how to run BI and ERP implementations for mid-sized, for-profit companies (with occasional forays into larger organizations). I have years of experience in this area. So when I talk about project management, that’s what I’m talking about.

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The ERP Consultant Hiring Scorecard

Adam Jacobson June 2,2016

What questions should you ask when hiring us or any other ERP consultant? You should ask questions that help you determine whether (and to what degree) your company and the consulting company are a good fit.

And because I’m a data guy, I developed a spreadsheet to help. It contains eight categories that you can use to rate each consulting group, awarding between one and 10 points. Then, you assign a weight percentage to each category for a total of 100.

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From Developer to Manager—Understanding the Motivation

Adam Jacobson April 19,2016

Lots of people get into software development because they like playing with computers. They find development interesting. And like most people, they do a good job when they're interested in what they're doing.

And because they're doing a good job, some of these people will eventually get tapped to move into management.

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Making Headlines vs. Making Headway

Adam Jacobson March 15,2016

I spend my days working with data. And while I believe data can help companies run better, it's not the answer to everything. Yes, data can stop you from being stupid (as in, "These products are losing money"), but it can’t always make you smart (as in “This is the new product we should sell"). Because, as Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions about the future.”

Like most people, I’m pleased when the universe reinforces my view of things. So, the Michigan and Mississippi primaries were a fun day for me. And while I don’t follow the presidential campaign as closely as my 12-year old budding policy wonk son, it was interesting to see how the pundits talked about data and its limitations.

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Unfair Questions and Dubious Answers

Adam Jacobson March 3,2016

I’m a regular reader of the Farnam Street blog. In it, a recent reference to this Isaac Asimov quote got me thinking about honesty and integrity in the world of software. Per Asimov, honesty and integrity aren't the same thing:

Integrity, is, to me, a somewhat stronger word than “honesty.” “Honesty” often implies truth-telling and little more, but “integrity” implies wholeness, soundness, a complex philosophy of life.

- Isaac Asimov and Janet Asimov, How to Enjoy Writing: A Book of Aid and Comfort.

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Why You Should Pay for Training and Conferences

Adam Jacobson February 23,2016

A couple of my clients use Dynamics GP. So, I monitor related forums for tips and tricks. Recently, a user (a GP All Star and legend in the making) asked how he could convince his CFO (who was all about hard dollars) to send their accounting folks to the GPUG Summit.

The issue is important enough to merit another blog post. (In December, I touched on the topic of user training in my post, What to Get Your Finance Team for the Holidays.)

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Right vs. Left Brain: Figuring Out What I Want to Do When I Grow Up

Adam Jacobson February 16,2016

The blog was on an unplanned hiatus for the month of January. Thankfully, I hadn't made any blog writing resolutions, so I can say I didn't break any. Truth is, I actually did some blog writing in January, but I held off on posting because something felt off. And I needed to figure out what.

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