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On Having to Say It Again and Again—I’m Not a Salesperson

Adam Jacobson February 4,2014

I’ve written quite a few posts about getting focused. But even so, it’s still all too easy for me to lose that focus.

For example, I’ve had someone making sales calls for Red Three for the last 16 months. I’m ending this because I’ve realized that almost all of our clients either:

  1. Met us at a user group.
  2. Found our website and contacted us.
  3. Were a personal acquaintance or referral.

Clearly, these are the areas on which I should focus.

But when I went through our Zoho CRM system, I fell into a trap. I started thinking about what I should do with our many contacts, even though:

  1. Most of them don’t know me.
  2. A half dozen other sales reps are (undoubtedly) calling them with similar pitches.

I even violated one of my rules—I looked into getting a better CRM system.

Thankfully, I stopped myself. Instead, I went through our list and narrowed it to about 30 opportunities where:

  1. I’ve had a real conversation with the prospect.
  2. The prospect found us—and asked us to contact him/her.
  3. The prospect is in my core market.

Which means I’m going to ignore the remaining 100 or so leads.

And I’m OK with that. To contact these leads, I’d have to be a “get on the phone” sales guy. Which isn’t me. And which pays a lot less than consulting.

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