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Month End Closing in Dynamics NAV

Adam Jacobson September 26,2016

If you know anything about NAV, you know it doesn’t really have a hard month end close. So, apologies for the somewhat misleading title of this post.

However, month end close remains a topic for discussion for folks switching to Dynamics NAV from other systems (like Lawson) that have a more traditional, hard period end.

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Jet Reports vs SSRS for Dynamics NAV

Adam Jacobson September 14,2016

For the past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time creating reports with both Jet Reports and SSRS, mostly with Dynamics NAV and a little with Dynamics GP. If you’re a NAV customer, you have some version of Jet included with your purchase. Like all folks with SQL server databases, Dynamics folks use SQL Server and therefore have access to SSRS.

So which is better? Or rather, what works best in any given situation?

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Dynamics NAV Dimensions: Part 3—Dimension Combinations

Adam Jacobson September 9,2016

In my last post, I went into some detail about default dimensions in NAV and options for value posting. I also showed how the system reports posting errors when values don’t match the choices made in default dimensions.

Fortunately, you can work around this by controlling how your dimensions post, using dimension combinations.

I’m going to give you an error example first and then explain why it happened (and how you might be able to fix it). As in my precious posts, I’ll use the standard Cronus USA database for my examples.

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Dynamics NAV Dimensions: Part 2—Moving Between Systems

Adam Jacobson September 6,2016

In my last post, I went over NAV dimensions setup, using sales invoices for my examples. I also mentioned how dimensions can be assigned to many, many different kinds of data in NAV.

In this post, I’ll go over how dimension values work with different setups. Again, all my examples use the CRONUS USA sample company.

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Dynamics NAV Dimensions: Part 1—Setup

Adam Jacobson August 23,2016

Dimensions in Dynamics NAV are powerful tools. They’re also a little confusing to use. Which isn’t a good combination. With great power comes great responsibility.

In a series of posts, I’ll dive into the topic of NAV dimensions to help you navigate their choppy waters.

In today’s post I’ll show you how to set up NAV dimensions.

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RapidStart – A Query to Check Your Errors

Adam Jacobson July 28,2016

RapidStart Services is a useful tool to load data into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can use it not only for initial setup but also for mass updates. (Theoretically, you can also use it for regular interfaces, but I think there are better options.)

But as much as RapidStart is useful, it does have one major flaw: it has no comprehensive error report.

To solve this problem, I’ve developed a query for it. (If you want a copy, scroll down to the bottom of this post.) 

In this post, I’ll walk through RapidStart’s error process, and then show you the query.

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Using SSRS with Dynamics NAV—Creating Views to Write SSRS Queries

Adam Jacobson July 21,2016

Our consultants write hundreds of SSRS reports each year. Now that we’re working with Dynamics NAV, we want to use our SSRS and SQL skills without having to train everyone in the intricacies of C/AL development.

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Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV—Sign Reserving and Totaling

Adam Jacobson July 14,2016

In my previous post, I covered the topic of using accounting periods instead of dates in Jet Reports.

In this post, I’m going to tackle another problem that often comes up with Jet, especially when regular report writers try to write financial reports for the first time.

The problem relates to sign reversing and totaling.

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Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV—Using Accounting Periods Instead of Dates

Adam Jacobson July 7,2016

It’s pretty easy to get basic financial statements out of Jet Reports. And to help even further, Jet has many videos available that explain its terminology and functions to new users. But sometimes, you just want to solve a particular reporting challenge without digging into all the details.

Therefore, I’m putting together a series of posts with a few simple tips that make Jet Reports easier to work with.

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Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 3

Adam Jacobson June 30,2016

In our first and second posts in this series, we covered the first four keys to successful ERP project management for mid-sized, for-profit companies.

In this post, we close up with the final two.

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