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Red Three helps clients maximize the power of their current enterprise software to improve business intelligence. We provide custom data integration and reporting capabilities so you can extract the right information from your financial systems and make smarter business decisions. Our goal is to help you get the reports you need from the software you’ve already invested in.

Improve Business Intelligence


How financially aware is your business? Bridge the gap between IT and finance to make smarter decisions.

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Get Custom Operational & Financial Reports

Do you have the information you need to run your business and understand what contributes to the bottom line


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Complex Data


Data sits on all kinds of systems. Ready to get your data clean and manageable?

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Leverage Microsoft Technologies


Are you maximizing the power of your current platform?  Create the reports you need from the systems you already have.

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7 Keys to Cost Effective Business Intelligence


Valid Data = Right Time Frame + Right Comparison

When I worked for my college newspaper, I couldn’t read the New York Times without thinking about font and layout. As a business intelligence consultant, I can’t read a promotional email without questioning its calculations. Today, I received a promotional email from Mint. I use Mint to track our personal finances. The application is free to set up, so the company makes its money by getting members to buy from sponsors. Here's the email: This calculation is misleading in two ways: Yes, I know...Read more

Building an SSRS Trial Balance for Dynamics GP

In this post, I'll show you how to create a view in SSRS that allows Dynamics GP users to create a trial balance for any time period (or multiple periods) and get the ending balance for that period(s). I was motivated to write this post after seeing a question on the GPUG forum about it. The question was referred to Victoria Yudin, a GP SQL guru, and she has a nice stored procedure to get a 12-month trial balance for the same year. Also, I’ve been developing some generic design patterns for...Read more

Five Things to Get Your Finance Team for the Holidays

In my previous post, I provided a list of gifts that Finance should give their application developers for the holidays. But, giving should be mutual. So now, as promised, a holiday gift list for Finance from application developers: 1. Accounting Training for Yourself Yes, we know you like software. You don’t want to be an accountant. But learning even the basics of accounting will buy you SO much credibility with the finance staff. As business intelligence consultants, I can tell you that...Read more