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Red Three helps clients maximize the power of their current enterprise software to improve business intelligence. We provide custom data integration and reporting capabilities so you can extract the right information from your financial systems and make smarter business decisions. Our goal is to help you get the reports you need from the software you’ve already invested in.

Improve Business Intelligence


How financially aware is your business? Bridge the gap between IT and finance to make smarter decisions.

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Get Custom Operational & Financial Reports

Do you have the information you need to run your business and understand what contributes to the bottom line


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Complex Data


Data sits on all kinds of systems. Ready to get your data clean and manageable?

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Leverage Microsoft Technologies


Are you maximizing the power of your current platform?  Create the reports you need from the systems you already have.

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7 Steps to Better Financial Reporting
7 Keys to Cost Effective Business Intelligence


Yes, I Yelled at You—and I'm #sorrynotsorry

I wrote a while ago about being less of a jerk. And I think I’ve been making progress (although you’d have to ask my team). But this week, I lost it. I raised my voice. I yelled at the project lead of a consulting team I was working with. It was only for a moment. It felt good. And it got the results I wanted. But that's not how I like to operate. But why then why am I #sorrynotsorry? To help you understand, here’s my (admittedly biased) take on the situation: For several weeks, I’ve been...Read more

From Developer to Manager—Understanding the Motivation

Lots of people get into software development because they like playing with computers. They find development interesting. And like most people, they do a good job when they're interested in what they're doing. And because they're doing a good job, some of these people will eventually get tapped to move into management. Unfortunately, the transition doesn't always go well. Their bosses complain, “He's not spending his time managing," or "She keeps doing the development work herself instead...Read more

SQL Server on Linux—Why It Doesn’t Matter to My BI Clients

Rarely does a technology I work with it make it to the pages of the Wall Street Journal, but Microsoft’s recent announcement that SQL Server will be available for Linux is one of those times. I’m sure I’ll get questions about this. So, I thought I’d prepare my answers here. (If you want analysis of this announcement from a technical guru, check out Brent Ozar's post.) SQL Server on Linux is Irrelevant to Some For my mid-market BI clients, the announcement is irrelevant. Yes, Linux has...Read more