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Red Three helps clients maximize the power of their current enterprise software to improve business intelligence. We specialize in enabling companies to get more from their current software without the hassle of long, drawn out “consulting” practices.

Unlike many independent consulting companies, our deep knowledge of accounting data, experience in multiple packages and practical, organized approach solves complex data and reporting needs. Our goal is to help you extract the right information from your financial systems and get the reports you need to make smarter business decisions from the software you’ve already invested in.



We can help you get almost every BI requirement met using the Swiss Army knife of reporting tools.


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Jet Reports


Let us help you empower your users to get the most out of Jet.


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Dynamics NAV


Let our database and accounting expertise help you turn your NAV data into real knowledge.


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Dynamics GP


Let our database and accounting expertise help you turn your GP data into real knowledge.


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What to Criticize (and Not Criticize) as an SSRS Consultant

Recently, I read a blog post by Andy Leonard on his titled Long Poles and Critics. In this post, Andy discusses the importance of not being too quick to criticize other’s work when he’s called in to complete or extend software reporting projects.   Almost by definition, consulting is an arrogant profession. SSRS consultants are paid considerable sums to solve other people’s problems. So being quick to criticize is endemic. Still, I agree with Andy. I’m careful to give...Read more

Understanding the Dynamics NAV Change Log

Tracking changes is a good idea in any ERP application, including Dynamics NAV. And Dynamics NAV’s “Change Audit” feature is a good place to start because it can comprehensively track changes to your tables. That said, it has some limitations in reporting that are important to know. In this post, I’m going to review some of the limits and also point out a few other key things to remember when tracking changes. Setting Up Change Log Setting up the change log is easy. First, we navigate to Change...Read more

SSRS Consultant Tip—Round Your Numbers, Don’t Just Format

Here’s another installment in my series of posts on SSRS consultant tips for super users and advanced beginners. (See my post Put Parameters in Your Query, Not Your Filter for the first installment.) Part of what I enjoy most about working as a SSRS consultant, and performing SQL Server consulting, is the variety. Some months, I spend a lot of time writing T-SQL. Others, I’m deep into Excel pivot tables. And then others I’m writing SSRS reports. Truth be told, if I could spend all my time doing...Read more