Resolving Complex Data Reporting to Improve Operations

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Complex Financial and Operational Reporting

Plenty of people can develop a basic P&L or sales history.

We’re different because we understand a lot more than debits and credits.

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Financially Aware Business Intelligence

Which customers, products or projects make money?

These are the key questions of a financially aware business.

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Data Integration
and Cleansing

Reports won’t work if you can’t easily find your data, and they won't work if your data is a mess.

We’ve written interfaces and extractions on a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom systems.

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Tools We Use


7 Steps to Better Financial Reporting


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9 Steps for Getting the Reports You Need


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Can a Mid-Size Company Use QuickBooks?

I’ve been using QuickBooks for my own business for almost 14 years as a user.  I only consulted on it once when I helped my accountant with one of his clients. Lately, I’ve been thinking it’s time to move on. I want a database I can run reports from. And besides, shouldn’t the shoemaker get some shoes once in a while? Then recently I learned one of my clients—one that’s spent well over seven figures with us in the past few years—switched their accounts payable and general ledger to...Read more

On Focus and Being the Elephant

There’s an old story about a group of blind men who touch different parts of an elephant. They’re all convinced they understand what the elephant is. But, of course, their understanding differs depending on whether they touch the trunk, tail, tusk or leg. Sometime I think I’ve become the elephant. When I speak to folks about what I do (and especially when they read my blog), they often latch onto a part that relates to their own experience. It’s really nice when someone’s interested in what you...Read more

Creating a Financial Reporting Project Charter

Organizations sometimes ask me to help them clean up a mess. Messes such as, “The numbers aren’t trustworthy,” “The close takes too long,” and “The software is ancient.” Whatever the type of mess, when cleaning it up we often encounter the same challenges: The folks you need to work with don’t trust you. People don’t like change. People don’t trust consultants in general. And most employees view the accounting department as a bunch of trolls. There’s a ton of stuff to do. Problems that took...Read more