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Red Three helps clients maximize the power of their current enterprise software to improve business intelligence. We provide custom data integration and reporting capabilities so you can extract the right information from your financial systems and make smarter business decisions. Our goal is to help you get the reports you need from the software you’ve already invested in.

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How financially aware is your business? Bridge the gap between IT and finance to make smarter decisions.

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Do you have the information you need to run your business and understand what contributes to the bottom line


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Complex Data


Data sits on all kinds of systems. Ready to get your data clean and manageable?

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Are you maximizing the power of your current platform?  Create the reports you need from the systems you already have.

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7 Steps to Better Financial Reporting
9 Steps for Getting the Reports You Need


Accessing Data From AS400 Internally Described Files with SQL

The AS400 gets a bad rap. It can be hard to get at its data. But generally, that's not its fault. For decades, the AS400 has come with its own database that works just like any other SQL database. If your programming staff updated their skills sometime over the past 25 years and use the database properly, you should have no more difficulty getting your data from the AS400 as from any Access or SQL server. But, if you have old code, old programming methods or both, AS400 can be a real challenge....Read more

4 Problems With Using Multiple Business Intelligence Products

I recently read a good post by Liam Gooding on 5 Steps to Becoming a Data Driven Organisation. It's worth a read, especially to see him perform a no-holds-barred take down of his prospect (a self-declared data driven evangelist). People think I’m direct. I’ve got nothing on this guy! But seriously, Gooding does make a good point about the difference between BEING data driven and SAYING your data driven. It's much easier to say it than do it. At the same time, from my perspective, you have to...Read more

5 Big Business Intelligence Problems: Is Your BI Project Doomed to Fail?

As business intelligence consultants, we want our projects to succeed. After all, successful projects are profitable projects with happy customers. When we start a BI project with a new customer, we can never be 100 percent certain it will succeed. But, over the years, we've identified five indicators that a business intelligence project will fail. Here they are: 1. You Don’t Have a Strategic Reason for Doing the BI Project  Let's talk about what I mean by "strategic reason." A strategic...Read more