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Red Three helps clients maximize the power of their current enterprise software to improve business intelligence. We specialize in enabling companies to get more from their current software without the hassle of long, drawn out “consulting” practices.

Unlike many independent consulting companies, our deep knowledge of accounting data, experience in multiple packages and practical, organized approach solves complex data and reporting needs. Our goal is to help you extract the right information from your financial systems and get the reports you need to make smarter business decisions from the software you’ve already invested in.

Improve Business Intelligence


Organize, clean up and report on data in multiple systems to make smarter decisions. 


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ERP Systems


Integrate ERP systems to improve back office issues and focus on growing a successful company.


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Reduce Reliance on IT Consulting


Clean up internal IT processes to reduce the need for ongoing consulting.


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Leverage Microsoft Technologies


Maximize the power of your current platforms to get the reports you need from the systems you already have.


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Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 3

In our first and second posts in this series, we covered the first four keys to successful ERP project management for mid-sized, for-profit companies. In this post, we close up with the final two. Key #5: Hire the Right Consultants Obviously, I think I have a solid team. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this. Each of my team members has years of experience. But what makes them especially valuable in the mid-market space is their ability to work across domains. For example, our project managers...Read more

Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 2

In our first post in this series, we covered the first and second keys to successful ERP project management. Here, we’ll continue with keys three and four. Remember: The context for these posts is narrow. They’re directed at mid-sized, for-profit companies. Key #3: Make the Documentation Process as Simple as Possible I’ve made it clear before that much of the documentation produced by consultants is garbage. Many consultants create different documents for all kinds of things, such as need...Read more

Six Keys to Successful ERP Project Management: Part 1

First off, let me give the “real” title for this post: Six Keys for Effective Project Management for ERP Implementations for Mid-Sized, For-Profit Companies It’s not as catchy, so I went with the shorter version. But let me be clear: I’m not a generic project management expert. I have no idea how to manage a project to build an airport or implement a website that supports millions of hits a day. But I do know how to run BI and ERP implementations for mid-sized, for-profit companies (with...Read more